The discovery of people

I discovered something today. Perhaps I have had a revelation. Perhaps I am just in one of those enlightening moods, I don’t know.
I spent most of my life hating people. I hated them because perhaps it is easier than liking people. I don’t know. Perhaps it more comes from some deep seated issue, because lord knows I am just way too afraid to get hurt most of the time.
However, I have discovered that people aren’t that bad, and perhaps I just give up my I hate everyone tirade.
I was sitting today outside of school. Just wanted a moment of fresh air… alright who am I kidding I wanted to finish my cigarette!! Some woman walked out of the door looking very upset. She was not normally the type I would talk to, looked like the bitchy attitude type that I would just like to ignore. However, she came over and asked if I had another cigarette. Me being the good hearted people hating person that I am, gave her the cigarette and asked her what was wrong. She went on to tell me about her day, how she hated her job, was pissed off, couldn’t catch her bus for another two hours. Was just having an all and all shitty day.
I realized that I have been in that position… maybe not that EXACT position, but been in that mood. We shared a cigarette and a talk, just discussed a few things and went on our merry, or not so merry, ways.
It made me realize that every human, for the most part, has a side of them that just needs someone to talk to. Perhaps I won’t like everyone in the world, but perhaps everyone in the world deserves a chance.
I realized today that it is fear, and not actual dislike, that causes me to dislike people. Maybe, in all reality it isn’t the people I dislike but myself.
It reminds me of all the people you meet as you go through the journey of life. I have met a lot. And that if you get rid of stereotypes, and just accept that every human is a human, regardless of what you might think upon looking at that human, and just see through to the inside.
Maybe I am not going to like everyone. I will probably always be a person who is easily annoyed, but maybe I can just start giving the world a chance.